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Environmental Tours along the Great Baikal Trail
   All our tours are operated by the Great Baikal Trail, a non-profit organization.

   This particular tour will introduce you to the wonderful world of Lake Baikal, to its abundant flora and fauna, and to the many protected areas around Baikal, such as Pribaikalskii and Zabaikalskii National Parks, the Baikal Nature Preserve and the Kabanskii Wildlife Refuge. You will visit the towering Svyatoi Nos (Holy Nose), the largest peninsula in the middle of Lake Baikal. And nearby, you will also have the fortunate chance of seeing the Baikal seal – our unique nerpa. Along the way, you will come across numerous nesting areas for various bird species; or you will go hiking on trails taking you to more remote places. At all points you will be able to absorb much of the local Baikal peoples’ history and culture.
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   Our tours last anywhere from 7 to 18 days, in accordance with your own wishes. The number of people on each tour will run from 5 to 20 participants. We will take every opportunity of combining tour groups, where it might be feasible, and where you might prefer it. We also run tours in other scenic areas around Baikal, such as in the Barguzin Valley, the Baikal Lena Nature Preserve, and many other remote places around the lake.

   Lake Baikal is one of the unique and picturesque places on Earth. Its beauty does not change with time, and its value is hard to overestimate. Your ecotour support will help us in our work to save Lake Baikal. Let’s unite our efforts and make this world a better place for living!


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